New Harbour City



New Harbour City is the largest interplanetal metropolis at the Terminus planet, it has the population of 98,627,531 people,which makes it the most populous city on the terminus planet, in the the Republic of Galaxy, as well as in the whole galaxy civilization, which contains the Republic of Galaxy and the Galaxy Empire. The most commonly used language in the Earthish


New Port City is located at the Hudzhu harbour, which is the entrance of both the New Zhu river and the New Hudson river. It is the largest natural habour on the Terminus Planet


New Harbour is the Cultural Center of the Republic of Galaxy, there are 3 Galaxy’s largest University located in there, which are the Terminus Polytechnic University, New Habour City University and Yang Wen-li University. Also there is the Galaxy’s largest Visual Art School, which is called Arterminus

Besides, there are also 3 Galaxy’s Largest Library, which are Terminus Library, The New New New Alexandria Library and the Ekcenieb Library of Rare Books and Manuscript


New Harbor Has 2 Interplanetary Spaceports, which are West New Harbour Interplanetary Spaceport (whose annual passenger throughput is 999,999,999)and East New Harbour Interplanetary Spaceport (whose annual passenger throughput is 987,987,987)